TRi KiDS Race Distances

YEAR OF BIRTH is used to place athletes in the appropriate age group.  The athlete’s age on race day is not used for age group assignment. As an example, all athletes turning 8 in 2018, whether their birthday is in January or December,  will be placed in the 8-9 age group. If you feel your child is not ready to be in the age category based on this criteria please contact us by email prior to registering.

See Age Group Assignments page.

Sample Distance Chart for all Age Groups

The swim, bike and run distances vary at each race venue.  The chart below can be used as a guideline, showing the maximum distances.

Distances specific to each race venue can be found on each event page.

Age GroupYear of BirthBib ColourSwimBikeRun
3 to 5 2015, 2014 and 2013yellow20 m500 m100 m
6 - 72012 and 2011red25 m1.5 km500 m
8 - 92010 and 2009blue75 m3 km1 km
10 - 112008 and 2007orange100 m5 km2 km
12 - 132006 and 2005green200 m8 km2.5 km
14 -152004 and 2003black300 m10 km3 km
TRi YOUTH2004, 2003, 2002 and 2001lime green350 m10 km3.5 km


Athletes start off with a swim in the indoor (and outdoor) pool, transition to the bike and then head off on the run course. All that’s required is a swim suit, a bike in good working order, a helmet and running shoes.  Visit and review our Race Details and Rules for Safety page for more information.