Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to participate?

All your child needs is a bicycle (road bike or mountain bike) or tricycle. Scooters are NOT permitted. PROPERLY FITTED bike helmet with functioning chin strap, swim suit, goggles (optional), running shoes (no sandals or Crocs), shorts and shirt, water bottle, hat, towels and sunscreen. Helmets must comply with either CPSC or CSA standards as indicated by a label on the inside.

PLEASE check your child’s helmet for proper fit!

Are scooters allowed?

Scooters are not permitted in the race. Balance Bikes are permitted in the 3 to 5 age group only.  Training wheels are permitted in any age group.

My child may not be able to complete the distances for his/her age group

TRi KiDS is all about creating a positive, fun and rewarding experience.  If your child would be better suited for the age group lower than their birth year would put them in please contact us.  There are no barriers to participation at TRi KiDS.

Will I receive a refund if my child is unable to participate?

There are no refunds for an entry fee if your child is unable to participate for any reason. We offer the opportunity to transfer to another race in the 2018 season provided that race has not sold out and the transfer is requested before the deadline. Visit our REGISTRATION page for information on how to transfer your child. We must receive your transfer request prior to the deadline which is 2 weeks before the race date of the race you are transferring out of.  See chart for dates.

If I am unable to make the race, can I give my entry to a friend?

If someone else races under your name and is injured, or causes an accident, that person will not be covered by any protection typically afforded to an athlete through the insurance policy. Transfer of race entries can be done under certain circumstances and must be requested prior to two weeks before the race. Contact us for more information.

We have a soccer game on the same day, can my son be placed in an earlier wave?

Sorry, we do not take wave requests.  Please understand that we assign waves for up to 800 athletes and it would not be possible to accommodate every request to change a wave assignment due to another commitment.

Can my child switch his/her wave assignment?

We create the waves based on a random sort and wave assignments cannot be changed. Sorry, we do not take wave requests.

Are there refunds for cancelled races?

Unfortunately no. Weather is an uncontrollable factor as are uncontrollable circumstances and every effort will be made to proceed with a safe event. It is possible that the swim and/or the bike portions of the event are cancelled. If this is the case, then a swim/run or bike/run or a run only event will take place. Participants will still receive their t-shirt,race kits and medal. TRi KiDS races are outdoor, rain or shine events.

What happens in inclement weather?

The race goes on rain or shine. In the case of lightening the race will be delayed or stopped immediately if in progress.The race will not resume until 30 minutes after the last incidence of lightening. If the road conditions are unsafe due to rain the bike portion of the race will be cancelled and a swim – run event will take place. There are NO rain dates, NO refunds or transfers if a race is modified or cancelled due to weather.

What is a “wave”?

Waves are the groups that athletes are placed in according to their age.  Each athlete is assigned a wave # and they are called into the pool by this wave number.  There are usually 8-12 athletes per wave.

Do participants in the 3 to 5 year old age category have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the race?

Yes, for safety reasons athletes in the 3 to 5 age group must be within arms reach during the swim and within steps on the bike and run. You may give them as much assistance as they need, or none at all.

Can I participate in the triathlon with my child?

TRi KiDS is all about KiDS! Our crew and volunteers are experienced and are there to assist all participants ages 6+ throughout the event. Participants in the 3 – 5 age group must have an adult accompany them in the water, within arms reach. Parents may continue with them on foot for the bike and the run.

Are parents allowed in transition

Parents are allowed in to help set up their child’s gear before the race. During the race, only athletes and volunteers will be permitted in the transition zone. One parent is permitted in transition for the 3-5 age group only.

Our volunteers will assist the athletes, especially the younger ones in need of assistance.

Can my son ride with no shirt? Can my daughter wear a bathing top on the bike course?

Torsos must be covered for the bike and run portion of the race. This rule is for both girls and boys.

Who counts the laps and loops for the athletes doing multiple laps/loops?

It is the responsibility of parents and athletes to count the laps and loops.  We will make suggestions at each venue as to the best place to stand so that you can call out how many loops your child needs to complete.  Attend an orientation session with your athlete so everyone understands how bike looping works.

Last year we heard a lot of “THREE MORE TO GO-GREAT JOB!” and “LAST LOOP-KEEP IT UP!” THIS is what we want to hear out there!

My child wears glasses, what do we do?

We recommend standing near the swim exit and watching for your child. You can hand the glasses to them. Otherwise, you could put the child’s glasses inside of their helmet in transition.

Do they need to wear a helmet?

YES. No one will be allowed to bike without a helmet. Transition volunteers will make sure no athletes leave the transition zone without a helmet that is fastened!

PLEASE make sure your child’s helmet fits properly.

Are Balance Bikes permitted? What about training wheels?

Balance Bikes are permitted in the 3-5 age group only.

Training wheels are permitted in any age group.

Please contact us if you have questions about bikes and other equipment.

Is my child safe on the course?

Safety is our highest priority. While parents need to understand that participating in a sporting event like a triathlon has, by its nature, elements of risk, as do all sports. You can help make your child’s experience the safest and most enjoyable by practicing before the race to improve their skills and increase their confidence. Also plan to attend one of our orientation sessions.

Where will we find the finish line photos?

Our official photographer is Zoom Photo. Photos will be available online within 48 hours after the event.  The link will be posted in the Race Weekend Guide and an e-mail will be sent to you directly from Zoom Photo with your child’s photos.

Is fundraising mandatory?

Fundraising is not mandatory, however we have selected Holland Bloorview Foundation as our charitable partner.

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is Canada’s largest children’s rehabilitation hospital focused on improving the lives of kids with disabilities and the leading pediatric rehabilitation teaching hospital, dedicated to being at the forefront of clinical care, research and education. Learn more here.

TRi KiDS athletes and Run Well Events have raised over $140,000 for our charitable partners in 9 years.

What happens after the race?

Athletes are welcome to visit the post race tent where we offer SunRype juice, water, fruit, SunRype fruit snacks and nut-free cookies.  Gluten free cookies are also available.

What happens after online registration closes? Can my child still participate?

Online registration will close if the race reaches maximum capacity, or closes according to the schedule which is typically the Sunday, one week prior to the race. There will be in-person registration during Saturday’s race kit pick up if the race has not sold out. There is no race day registration. We strongly recommend pre-registration online in case the event reaches its capacity.

How does my child get his/her name on their race bib?

Each race location has an online registration deadline for personalized bibs. Please make sure your child is registered before this deadline. If registration occurs prior to the deadline found on this chart your child will have their first name printed on their race bib.

What are the rules for clipless pedals?

Clipless pedals are permitted at any age, with the following conditions: For ages 13 and under, the cleat must be recessed into the cycling shoe, such that the sole of the shoe, not the cleat, makes full contact with the ground. The athlete must be able to clip into both sides of the pedal. For ages 14 and up, all clipless pedal systems are permitted. Visit our Race Details page or contact us with any equipment questions before race day.

Are Aerobars permitted?

For ONTARIO and ALBERTA: Aerobars are permitted for the 14-15 age group and TRi YOUTH only, and must not extend more than 15cm beyond the front wheel axle, must have a solid bridge and they must not be longer than the brake levers foremost line.

For BC: Aerobars are NOT permitted at any age in the TRi KiDS Series.

Visit our Race Details page or contact us with any equipment questions before race day.

Are cage pedals permitted?

Cage pedals are NOT permitted at any age.

How do we get our equipment out of transition?

Once your child has finished their race you may collect their gear from the main transition and the drop transition under the direction of the volunteers in transition. Their job is to make sure it is safe for parents to collect from transition while the race is still going on.

The race organizers are not responsible for lost gear.

Is this a timed event?

Yes, it is a timed event and finishing times will be posted via our home page under the updates section. There are no awards. The finishing time of each individual will be posted in alphabetical order and not in order of completion time. We encourage and celebrate participation.

What additional equipment will be permitted in the swim?

We will provide life jackets for all athletes in any age group, if desired. Water wings and puddle jumpers are not permitted in all locations. Check the pre race newsletter for the rules at each race venue. No other swim aids are allowed i.e. flutter boards or fins.

How do I volunteer for one of the races?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. It is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Learn more and sign up.

Can my child use any stroke in the swim portion?

Yes, whatever stroke the athlete is comfortable with.

Is bike inspection mandatory?

No, however it is strongly recommended. Safety is a priority and you want to avoid disappointment if the bike cannot be used on race day. Spokes’nSlopes is our official bike shop for our Ontario races and Cyclepath Kelowna is our shop for BC. Visit them and get your bike in racing condition.

Do race kits have to be picked up the day before the race?

Picking up your race kit the day before makes your race day hassle and stress-free and it’s the only way you will know your start time. We also encourage both athletes and parents to attend the orientation sessions during race kit pick up.

We will have race kits available for pick up on race day for those coming from out of town and those unable to pick up the day prior. Plan to arrive early and look for the KIT PICK UP tent.

How will my child know where to go on the race course?

The race course is well marked with traffic cones and numerous volunteers are strategically placed throughout the course to provide direction and support.

The race format literally becomes a game of follow the leader!

Also, we encourage athletes and parents to attend an Orientation Session to familiarize themselves with the course, specifically the bike and run exits, the turn around points on the bike and run course and how transition works.