Pre Race Communication and Information

On the Monday prior to TRi KiDS Niagara the “Race Weekend Guide” will be sent to all registered participants.  The Guide covers final details for race weekend and includes parking suggestions, set-up times, course information, race kit pickup instructions….and much more.  The Guide is sent to the email address provided at registration and it will also be posted on our home page under the News section.  Please review the Guide carefully and thoroughly as it contains very important information.

Please do not contact us in advance for wave start times. We receive many emails and phone calls each day during the busy TRi KiDS race season. We do our very best to respond as quickly as possible, however we are often out of the office and away from our computers, particularly during race week. We do not answer calls or pick up voice mail starting on Friday of race weekend.  We prioritize emails and respond to the questions pertaining to the race that coming weekend. We post all information related to the events on the website and keep it up to date. We highly recommend checking our FAQ page, the Rules for Safety page and the Race Checklist. We are confident your questions will be answered with these resources.

Race Kit Pickup

Date:  Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Location: Vale Health & Wellness Centre, main gym

Time: 12 pm to 3 pm

We encourage all athletes to pick up their race kits on Saturday and attend an orientation session. Wave times are posted at race kit pickup. Please do not contact us in advance for wave times.

Orientation Session

Orientation sessions are offered during race kit pick up. The orientation session is approximately 30 minutes in length and include a course overview.

Time: 12:30 pm and 2 pm

Race Day

Review the Race Checklist.

Race day kit pickup will open at 7:00 am.  The first wave will start at 8:30 am with the 3-5 age group.  Arrival times for all age groups will be posted in the Guide.  Wave times for all ages will be posted at race kit pickup.

The event will run rain or shine.  See the FAQ page for details.


Click on the RACEPOINT icon for the TRi KiDS Niagara interactive map. Hover over the icons for more more information.

Age GroupBib ColourSWiMBikeRun
3 to 5yellow15m500 m100 m
6 - 7red25m1.5 km500 m
8 - 9blue75m3 km1 km
10 - 11orange100m4.5 km1.5 km
12 - 13green200m7.5 km2 km
14 -15black300m9 km3 km

Above is the distance chart for TRi KiDS Niagara. Please note that distances may change if necessary and age group distances will vary at each race venue


The swim takes place in the 6 lane, 25 meter indoor YMCA pool at Vale Health & Wellness Centre.  Lifeguards will be on deck at all times.

There will be a maximum of 10 athletes per wave.  Athletes will swim two per lane. The swim will start in the water (no diving or jumping) and will end in the shallow end for all athletes 6 years and older.  One parent or guardian must accompany participants of the 3 to 5 age group in the water (swim takes place in shallow end only) and on foot for the bike and run. Athletes may use a life jacket (if desired). Life jackets will be supplied for all age groups.  Flutter boards or flippers are not permitted. It is expected that athletes 6 years of age and older will not require assistance in the pool however special arrangements can be made.  Contact us with special requests or for specific details on the swim.


The bike course is a 1.5 km loop on Elizabeth St.- closed to traffic. All age groups will do multiple loops in order to complete their respective distance.


The run course takes athletes around the perimeter of the of the main soccer pitch adjacent the pool building. The run is a 500 meter ‘track’ entirely on grass. Athletes will complete the required number of laps to achieve their respective distance. There will be one water station set up for all age groups.  The older age groups will pass the water station several times.

Bike Inspection

In order to avoid disappointment on race day we strongly recommend that you take your bike in for a pre-race safety inspection the week before the race. Technical problems can easily be avoided.

We strongly recommend that you take your bike in for a pre-race bike inspection the week before the race. Technical problems can easily be avoided.

Bike inspection is NOT mandatory.

Post Race

Please be sure to pick up ALL belongings after the race. Lost and found items are gathered and left at the race site. The organizers are not responsible for items left at the race site.

Finishing times will be posted on this link within hours of race completion. Photos taken during the race by Zoom Photo will be uploaded as soon as possible and usually within 24 hours of race completion.